Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What's the problem,mate?

Sometimes you might feel a bit down,problems around you just can't stop haunting you.Don't lose yourself into it,instead you should face it and solve it.Letting the problem lying there doesn't mean it will go away after a while.You might even need to spend more efforts if you don't solve it asap.So,all the best,mate...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I've been using IMISSCSY as my nickname for few years.Never think of changing it until yesterday.I had a long chat with my friend in JB,who just got married early this month.And he told me that the other friend also got married early this year and expecting for his first child end of this month.Suddenly I felt the people around me changed,and they changed alot.We used to be together and talking craps.But now all of them have their own family,what about me?I felt like I didnt improve at all,did I ever think about future?What about family?What about my dream?Its like I threw these things away long time ago.

I think maybe this is the right time for me to evolve.I've decided to achieve something,and become somebody.I shall no longer be haunted by my past,and no fear to the challenges I am going to face.