Saturday, December 30, 2006

Last day of the year....Ciao,2006

Now is 31st December 2006.Since its the last day of the year,I may like to do some review on things I've done in year 2006.

So what had happened this year?At the beginning,I was working on a project.I thought that this is a good start for me.Then the problems raised.Fussy user,payment delayed etc.I think some of the problem caused by my poor project management skill.I don't want to blame everything on other people,because unlike someone,I hope to improve myself in order to solve the problems.

Although this year may not be a good year for me,but next year will be better,who knows?My planning for 2007?Hmm...will be going to Thailand at Chinese New Year.Then I also plan to get my SCJP 5.0 and probably SCWCD.Both SCJP and SCWCD are Sun certification on Java programming.

At the same time,I will also use my free time to develop some projects.Hope can finish one or two projects at 2007.Well,I already have some ideas on what project to develop.Will announce the concept once I have finish done the planning.Stay tune,guys.

Lastly,I would like to wish everyone Happy New Year,and hope 2007 would be better.

Quote for the year 2007 : Chances are always for those who are prepared for it.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Stop asking stupid question,dude...

Sometimes some people may ask me some stupid question.Now there is one page that I would like them to see,so in future they wont be asking the same question again. :)

Click here

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Some lines from Borat - The Movie

-Although Kazakhstan is a glorious country, it had a problem too - economy,social and jews.
-This is Natalia,she is my sister,she is the number four prostitute in all of Kazakhstan,nice~~...
-In Kazakhstan, its illegal for more than 5 women to be in a same place,except in brothel and grave.
-Although I am obsessed with this CJ,but I cannot pursue her,or else my wife will snap off my cock.
-You trying to tell me that the man who trying to put a rubber fist in my anus,is a homosexual?

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What a luck

Yesterday when I was opening my gate,I accidentally dropped my key into the drain.OMG,how could this ever happened?The drain is like 6-7 feet deep,and it was almost 12AM at the moment.No choice but have to call and wake the ppl up to open the door for me.Maybe should chain the key to my underwear or necklace to prevent the same incident again.Or a friend like Keymaker(visit for more info :D) is also a good idea.

Friday, December 15, 2006

CRM Status

Currently I've put in the following functions
-quick create
-log call

Planning to put in some other functions like
-Subscribing to events and reports
-Scheduler email
-Import and export data

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Shall today be the day...

Today officially is the last day in good old Radiant. After so many sufferings and struggling,its time to go now.There is nothing left for me here.However,this may not be the end,this maybe a beginning to the correct path,right?So,I will still stick with my own work,and guys,please be strong and put yourself together.I know these days are tougher than before,but you only get to learn when there are difficulties.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Testing on posting photos...kukuku~~

Can you see this picture guys?Its a picture of Seychelles.Holiday,anyone?

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Phrases of the day (Chat history with edmund) Part 1

[12:02:06] DYRENfORx says:
he himself ng chang hei
ng chang hei : Does not make every effort to succeed

[14:39:49] DYRENfORx says:
pariah wan
pariah : cheapskate,Miser is the term for a person who is reluctant to spend money, usually for the point where he or she forgoes even basic comforts. It derives from the Latin, "miser", meaning "poor" or "wretched."

[14:51:34] DYRENfORx says:
when u goin to chut kik?
chut kik : take action,attack

[15:03:56] ImIŜŠcSY - Thororo says:
lut : scared,afraid

[17:02:51] ImIŜŠcSY - Thororo says:
seng jek how?
seng jek : result,outcome

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

CRM Phase 2

Phase 1 of CRM are almost finished.At this point,shouldn't we start defining what features we are going to add in phase 2?Personally,I think of few.
  1. Quick create(Ajax,of course)
  2. Log call(Probably will be added in at phase 1,who knows)
  3. Import and export data function
  4. More dynamic reports
  5. Dynamic calendar(again,Ajax)
How long would it takes to get these things all done?Well,another 4 to 6 weeks probably,depends on my schedule.Any suggestion on phase 2 features,guys?Feel free to suggest,although it may not be taken.Hehe....

Sleepless night

Working on the system again...Talking about anger management problem(as mentioned by Mr Edmund),they said I used to screwed the ex colleague until he shed tears.But it doesn't happen to me now.I guess I am getting better to control temper now,or maybe simply can't stand some people's attitude.

Some people,they tell you cannot straightaway,without even do a research or study properly.Sometimes I really feel like slam in their face.How come other people or I can achieve the same thing,but you tell me can't be done?Even it can't be done,why can't you just suggest me an alternative?

Some people will tell you can at the first place,without knowing it can be done or not.OK,you tell me can be done,I trust you and count on you to finish the job.End up,you tell me can't be done.What the fuck is this?Are you taking my trust for granted?Come on,we are adults,right?Can't you be more mature?When I ask you,if you don't have the time or enough knowledge to do it,just say so,I won't blame you for being busy.But in the end you tell me you been busy with other work so can't finish.Well,after one or two times,I won't ask you anymore,because this is a waste of time.

Anyway,just my opinion,not accusing anyone.If you think this post is offended,then you just don't fucking read it.I have millions.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Happy belated birthday,Steven....

Hey man,think I've forgotten your birthday or what?Just being busy to send you a SMS.So,This post is dedicated for you,my friend...It's been few years I never been back to JB.Well,its not the right time yet,but i will be back,when i found the thing i am looking for all these years.Again,Happy birthday...

Friday, December 1, 2006

The war is over!?

Over the past few weeks working on this CRM...finally today went to install and perform a user training(not me,its Edmund ^^),system's functionalities are quite satisfying,but the reporting is not finished yet...luckily the client understand that we are migrating to a new system,therefore the reporting function is in the middle of migrating.

At here,I would like to thank a few persons.Firstly,is Edmund,who help me to test out the thing and clear my doubt on the system.Then is Loong,who helped me out in the GUI part,else today I wont be able to deliver the thing in time.

Thanks guys,you guys are really the best.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Holy Shit!!

OMG,the setup for Hibernate is wrong!!I shouldn't direct assign a SessionFactory to DAO class that extends HibernateDaoSupport...I should declare a HibernateTemplate bean and assign to the DAO class...there isn't enough time for me to change it at the moment.Guess I will change it over the weekend.Wish Me Luck

Monday, November 27, 2006

富士山下 - 陳奕迅

歌手:陳奕迅 | 作曲:Christopher Chak
填詞:林夕 | 編曲:陳珀 / C. Y. Kong
攔路雨偏似雪花 飲泣的你凍嗎
連調了職也不怕 怎麼始終牽掛
原諒我不再送花 傷口應要結疤
如若你非我不嫁 彼此終必火化

誰都只得那雙手 靠擁抱亦難任你擁有
曾沿著雪路浪遊 為何為好事淚流
何不把悲哀感覺 假設是來自你虛構
前塵硬化像石頭 隨緣地拋下便逃走
我絕不罕有 往街裡繞過一周

情人節不要說穿 只敢撫你髮端
留在汽車裡取暖 應該怎麼規勸
人活到幾歲算短 失戀只有更短
忘掉我跟你恩怨 櫻花開了幾轉

誰都只得那雙手 靠擁抱亦難任你擁有
曾沿著雪路浪遊 為何為好事淚流
何不把悲哀感覺 假設是來自你虛構
前塵硬化像石頭 隨緣地拋下便逃走
我絕不罕有 往街裡繞過一周

誰都只得那雙手 靠擁抱亦難任你擁有
曾沿著雪路浪遊 為何為好事淚流
何不把悲哀感覺 假設是來自你虛構
前塵硬化像石頭 隨緣地拋下便逃走
我絕不罕有 往街裡繞過一周


Acegi and Webwork Interceptor

I am currently using Webwork 2.2.4+Spring 2.0+Acegi 1.0.2.The authentication structure from Acegi is awesome.

I was trying to retrieve user details such as display name,company name and email address from database based on user name.Therefore I wrote a UserContextInterceptor that retrieve user's record from database and store to user's session.


public class UserContextInterceptor extends AroundInterceptor {
...//some other methods

protected void before(ActionInvocation invocation) throws Exception {
// TODO Auto-generated method stub

UserContext userContext=null;
Map session=ServletActionContext.getContext().getSession();
userContext=new UserContext();

ServletActionContext.getContext().getSession().put(USER_CONTEXT, userContext);
if (invocation.getAction() instanceof UserContextAware){
((UserContextAware) invocation.getAction()).setUserContext(userContext);

First post in this blog...

Its 5.44am in the morning...been rushing work for the past 2 weeks,yet still a long way to go.Guess this is the life of a programmer.Luckily most of the things working as expected,and got some help on interface from colleague.