Tuesday, October 2, 2007

No more comment,thank you

Sometimes ppl will ask me to listen to their stories and then ask for my opinion.I always give suggestions which I think are the most suitable,but not anymore.They can actually decide themselves, so why ask for my opinions?If I spent weeks to think a solution for them,and in the end nothing is taken,I felt like I am wasting my time.I don't know about others,but my time is somehow precious.I respect other ppl final decision,and i always think they know what are the thing they want,and this is what I want,no more comment,thank you.

Wake me up when September ends

Last month seemed like the busiest month I ever had.Almost every weekday I reached office at 5 or 6 am,and work all the way to 7pm,just to prove that I am not a bum to my manager.He assigned me tons of works at the beginning of September,and requested me to finish them within 3 weeks.Some of the functions are half done by other colleagues,and I am the one who clean up the mess.However,I did prove my value and my abilities by finishing almost everything on hand.I can't really finish all the things due to some requirement changes and I need more time to apply the new changes.
So,in your face,Mr Manager...