Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New Company,New me

Well,since many people been asking me about my new company,maybe i should briefly describe it.

My company business nature is selling CRM.The CRM is not off shelf,it is customizable.The analyst will gather the requirement from customer,then they will key in the requirement into an Excel file following the standards defined by the company.Things that can be key in including fields to be shown on page,database table schema,access level,user setting etc.After they keying all these information,they will use a tool to parse these Excel files.Please bear in mind that this is all done by business analyst,no programmer involves.After the parsing process,the parsing tool will generate a few files.Then,there is another engine which will read these configuration and generate an application on the fly.The interface is Flash based,whereas the backend is Java.

I will be working on the backend part.Now is at the end of version 2.This version is kinda hard to modified as it is already at very late stage.So,instead of modifying the structure,the programming team decided to release it as a usable version.We will basically do debugging and some performance tuning.The coming version 3 will involve a lot of restructuring.So I think my workload will be even heavier by then.At the moment,I am going through the codes and the structures of the system.Frankly,it is very complex.A lot of reflection were used.And the structure also quite confusing. :S

The working environment is quite OK.The working hour is flexible,which I can reach office around 10am even though official working hour is starting from 9am.If come in late,then must leave late also.Just make sure that every week my working hours will reach around 40 hours.Then the company also forcing me to take SCJP,a certificate for Java programmer.If I fail to get it within 6 months,then I cannot pass my probation period. :sweat: Its good also cos now there are people pushing me to take the cert,as I already planned to take at least 2 certs by this year but afraid that I might be too lazy to take it.Not really much overtime,even overtime will only be working until 8pm.I can foresee that I will learn alot here.

Anyway,I am looking forward to involve in version 3.Hope I can learn more on the core programming and some project management skills from my manager.

Cron expression builder using HTML

Dear all,
I am now working on a schedule function which required a HTML page that allows user to select the month,day or time.When user submits it,it will be constructed to a valid cron expression to be used with Quartz( probably will get the thing done before friday.So,stay tune guys.


Sunday, January 28, 2007

Know your name and say your name

Dear All,
Please be aware of the christian name you selected for yourself or maybe your children.At least know what's the meaning of the name.Personally,I don't prefer calling my son a "Dick".Of course,if my daughter birthday is on April,I won't name her by "April" too."Paris" is OK, but not "Kepong" or "Skudai".

Try to google around first,find the meaning of the name before you making any decision.People might not remember your face,but is the name they will remember.Name is very important in giving people the first impression of yourself..If there are 2 girls in the chatroom,one is Ah Choo,and one is Michelle,who will you choose?9 out of 10 will choose Michelle.

So,here are some common name people use which are quite "incorrect".
Dick -
cock: obscene terms for penis
Fanny -
female genitalia: external female sex organs; "in England `fanny' is vulgar slang for female genitals"

Do you have others?Feel free to write to me so I can put it in.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Journey finding a JOB

So,for the past 10 days I've been busy finding jobs and attending interviews.Luckily,I've found one which I think its most suitable for me where this company actually provided me an environment to learn and grow(of cos,the pay is quite good too!!).

I've went to around 10 interviews.There are some experience that I would like to share with you guys.

A US based company,with its Asia Pacific HQ located in Hong Kong,asked me to visit their office and attend the interview.So, as usual,I went to this office,and I was early than the scheduled time.A staff opened the door,bring me to a meeting room.The meeting room is like any ordinary room,just that it is equipped with teleconferencing kit and a TV.But I wasn't really bother about that,as I was busy filling up the forms and answering the questions they given.After I finish filling up,I told the staff,who brought me in just now,that I am done.Then she took my paper and told me that the person in charge will call me through the phone.Yes,no face to face contact,only phone.Then I was like "WTF...".When I was going through the interview on the phone,I can't stop thinking that is this a joke or what?Is there a hidden camera,recording down my behavior while I was talking?Did they see me scratching my back just now?This is my first,and probably the last time going through an interview,alone.

I happened to attend an interview in another company,which I think 95% of the staffs are Chinese.So the moment I was in the office,I can see staffs playing with handphones,like with the ringtones,features,smsing etc.WTF,are they working here or what?This is office,not some handphone shops in LYP.Can you guys be professional a bit?

I think some company requested their candidates to answer some questions,whether technical questions,or IQ questions.Yes,I mean IQ questions.Sometimes they even ask you to rate the importance of things in your life,and as a smart person,I will rate "Company future" as my first priority.Try to ask a working staff,world peace and company future,which one is more important?

Anyway,I would like to thank those companies who offer me a job with reasonable amount of salary and attracting benefits.However,there is only one me in this world,therefore I can only choose only one and the one which I think its best for my future and current situation.I hope that my friend who is also looking for job out there,will find his ideal job in the end of the day.Good luck,dude...

Friday, January 5, 2007

Annoying Answer

So,some states of Malaysia are being flooded last month.During the incident,the victims got no where to hide except the roof top of their house.There is no water,food or anything.They just simply stay there and hoping someone will come and give them a hand.Of course,there some volunteers,individual or company,renting boats to save those victims.Government also sending out army to save them.However,there are some rumors saying that the army is actually asking money from victims then only the victims is allowed to be on the boat.The next day,our dearest Deputy Prime Minister was kind of pissed off and saying something like people can't accuse the army without any evidence.Truly,no one is willing to giving statement that time.Flood still going on for days.Finally someone stood out and saying that he paid the army for taking his customer out from his shop for RM250.There are quite number of them including this man.
Here comes the annoying part.The next day after this man giving the statement,a guy from the government,seriously I can't remember who,saying something like the army didn't ask for it,but the victim willing to pay them.
What the fuck?If victim giving them money,then they are eligible to take it?Why no one accusing those volunteers who use their own money to rent the boat?How come they don't ask for money?I seriously doubt they are getting any money out of this.Yet our dearest army,they supposed to be there,saving our lives,and protecting our nations asking for money.Does this mean that in the future if there is war,I have to pay them in order to get my ass out of here?And what if I don't?Would they care about my life and death?To them,I am just only one of the millions,but to me,they are suppose to be my savior.How disappointed.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

The beginning

So,its new year,and yeah,we should be hugging and greeting each other happy new year.But at some other countries, they ain't that lucky.
  • 1st Jan 2007,Indonesia ship sunk,522 passengers including crews on the board,only 100++ being rescued.Where's the other?
  • 1st Jan 2007,several explosions happened in Bangkok,Thailand.Few killed and injured.
  • 3rd Jan 2007,an airplane at Indonesia lost contact with the control center.Suspected crashed on an island near Sulawesi.122 passengers including crew on the board.Until now still haven been discovered.
  • etc,etc