Monday, February 5, 2007

Pimp My Apps

Yeah,so this ain't MTV Pimping people's car here...My company apps is totally a havoc,slow loading,slow responding,slow in almost every aspect.Therefore,my task is to tune this thing and make it runs faster.But,due to the previous performance is really worst(9 minutes to load up the thing,what the hell),now even 2 minutes loading for them is consider OK.Just imagine you login to a system,and wait for 2 minutes before you can continue.Sweating...

However,due to the apps didnt really utilize the caching and pooling features,I guess if I could apply these in,I guess it should be less than 2 minutes.Argghhh....really missed those days working on JSP.More than one second I already start doing tuning and optimization.But now...probably 30 seconds is more than enough for them.Lets pray for the users,shall we?

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