Sunday, April 22, 2007

Fax facts

This is a story I heard from my cousin.There is a girl,still a college student,working in a local company for industrial training.So one day her manager asked her to fax a document to client.After half and hour,the manager received a call from client,"Please stop faxing us the document,your clerk had send us over 30 faxes of the same document.".The manager was surprised,then he asked the girl in and told her stop faxing the document as client had already received it.The girl then said,"Got meh?But the paper is still there."

If those who thinks that if you fax it,the paper will disappear,you probably should read the description below(from wikipedia).
Fax (short for facsimile, from Latin fac simile, "make similar", i.e. "make a copy") is a telecommunications technology used to transfer copies (facsimiles) of documents, especially using affordable devices operating over the telephone network. The word telefax, short for telefacsimile, for "make a copy at a distance", is also used as a synonym.

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