Monday, April 30, 2007

Web messenger

I've been using web based messenger for quite a while.The reason of using web based messenger is because I keep switching machine,between my own laptop and my office desktop.Web based messenger helps me keep track of my chatting history.And to avoid someone will read my chatting history like what happened to my friend and I before.These kind of people do exist,they read you chatting history and try to find out whether you talking anything bad on him or not.Sometimes I am lazy to deal with this so I just use web based messenger. :)
  • can use different IM including MSN,Yahoo!,GTalk and etc at the same time
  • store chat history on the server
  • able to cross platform
  • no more annoying emoticons(This is the part I like the most)
  • Unable to send files(some web based messenger support this,but the one I am using now doesn't)
  • needs internet connection to view chat history

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