Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Just need to be patient

Recently I am looking at Android, the new phone platform launched by Google and some other partners. I found it quite interesting, and I mentioned this to Neo and suggested him to use this platform for his college project. And I myself also try to implement a famous "Hello world" program in Android.So i downloaded the SDK, Eclipse plugin and created a new Android project. I used the sample code from Android website and run it on the emulator. The emulator launched,but only the word "Android" shown on the emulator screen instead of "Hello world".This is weird, I tried few rounds and the code i wrote just seem not loaded.I did some surfing and finally I found out that it takes time for the emulator to load.I am using a 1.4 centrino with 2GB ram,and yet it still took around 1 minute to load.The lesson I learnt from this experiment is,when first launching the emulator,be patient and wait for the apps you wrote to load,then don't close the emulator to avoid the waiting when you load your apps again.
Happy programming :)

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n30 said...

My pc should be alrite ba, maybe 30 sec to load ? xD