Monday, February 4, 2008

What if you were told ...

Lately we've been busy with the relocation to Beijing,China. The management actually let each of us to decide whether we want to go or not.For me,its actually a good chance to expose to different environment,therefore i agreed to go.But there is one guy that can't make up his mind whether want to go or not.He just have far too many concerns,like what to do with current credit card,buying new pc so that if the family pc spoiled there is a backup etc etc.So yesterday he mentioned some other reasons again.Of which i have been told are Beijing is very crowded,because of the population its quite hard to find food in Beijing,and Beijing is full of bicycles.I was like, what the fuck,what are the bicycles have anything to do with our work there?As a capital of China,what are the possibilities that we can't find food there.I am really speechless on this.
If I am your CEO and I ask you to go Beijing.Here are my promises
  1. Beijing is not crowded
  2. Beijing can find good food
  3. Beijing is not full of bicycles
Would you even go?

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