Thursday, December 7, 2006

Phrases of the day (Chat history with edmund) Part 1

[12:02:06] DYRENfORx says:
he himself ng chang hei
ng chang hei : Does not make every effort to succeed

[14:39:49] DYRENfORx says:
pariah wan
pariah : cheapskate,Miser is the term for a person who is reluctant to spend money, usually for the point where he or she forgoes even basic comforts. It derives from the Latin, "miser", meaning "poor" or "wretched."

[14:51:34] DYRENfORx says:
when u goin to chut kik?
chut kik : take action,attack

[15:03:56] ImIŜŠcSY - Thororo says:
lut : scared,afraid

[17:02:51] ImIŜŠcSY - Thororo says:
seng jek how?
seng jek : result,outcome

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