Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Sleepless night

Working on the system again...Talking about anger management problem(as mentioned by Mr Edmund),they said I used to screwed the ex colleague until he shed tears.But it doesn't happen to me now.I guess I am getting better to control temper now,or maybe simply can't stand some people's attitude.

Some people,they tell you cannot straightaway,without even do a research or study properly.Sometimes I really feel like slam in their face.How come other people or I can achieve the same thing,but you tell me can't be done?Even it can't be done,why can't you just suggest me an alternative?

Some people will tell you can at the first place,without knowing it can be done or not.OK,you tell me can be done,I trust you and count on you to finish the job.End up,you tell me can't be done.What the fuck is this?Are you taking my trust for granted?Come on,we are adults,right?Can't you be more mature?When I ask you,if you don't have the time or enough knowledge to do it,just say so,I won't blame you for being busy.But in the end you tell me you been busy with other work so can't finish.Well,after one or two times,I won't ask you anymore,because this is a waste of time.

Anyway,just my opinion,not accusing anyone.If you think this post is offended,then you just don't fucking read it.I have millions.

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DYRENfORx said...

hahahhaha.......wtf...shud put a reference from my site...