Saturday, December 30, 2006

Last day of the year....Ciao,2006

Now is 31st December 2006.Since its the last day of the year,I may like to do some review on things I've done in year 2006.

So what had happened this year?At the beginning,I was working on a project.I thought that this is a good start for me.Then the problems raised.Fussy user,payment delayed etc.I think some of the problem caused by my poor project management skill.I don't want to blame everything on other people,because unlike someone,I hope to improve myself in order to solve the problems.

Although this year may not be a good year for me,but next year will be better,who knows?My planning for 2007?Hmm...will be going to Thailand at Chinese New Year.Then I also plan to get my SCJP 5.0 and probably SCWCD.Both SCJP and SCWCD are Sun certification on Java programming.

At the same time,I will also use my free time to develop some projects.Hope can finish one or two projects at 2007.Well,I already have some ideas on what project to develop.Will announce the concept once I have finish done the planning.Stay tune,guys.

Lastly,I would like to wish everyone Happy New Year,and hope 2007 would be better.

Quote for the year 2007 : Chances are always for those who are prepared for it.

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