Thursday, May 3, 2007

Passed my exam and life goes on!!

So I passed my SCJP exam.After a few days of studies during my holiday,and this is what I get.The passed score is 59% and I scored 59%.So close,LOL.Anyway,I could have score better if I spend more time to take more mock exam.But passed is passed,I still able to claim my exam fees,and also an increment promised by my company.What my next plan?I am actually thinking to take another certificate,is either SCBCD or SCWCD.SCBCD is more on EJB3.0 where SCWCD is more one JSP and Servlet.Most probably I will take SCBCD cos' I am doing Java EE now.Also I will like to start my open source project soon.Still in the planning stage,and if there are any updates,I will post it here.Basically I've got some ideas on what to do.Just need to do more research and planning including road map,time line,technologies applied etc.

Anyway,I will like to wish 2 of my friends who are switching to their new job this week.Hope they will like the new job and enjoy it.Cheers

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