Thursday, May 17, 2007

Of course cannot apologize la...leaking only ma

So,lately there are few topics related to same issues - leaking.

Mr Samy said that its not contractor's fault that the water is leaking all over the parliament building.The contractor only make sure the building is built,that's all.Hey,what do you expect then?You only paying like 90 millions to the contractor to build this,ok?You expectation is totally not reasonable.Look at Proton,they just make sure that the car can hit the road and the rest is not their responsibility adi.You only pay for the car,not the quality of it.Please understand that,malaysian.Plus,who will be attending meeting at parliament everyday?If this issue was not reported in the news,I think most of the parliament members won't even aware of that.Thanks god they are alive and no one is hurt.

Then,come to the other leaking problem.There are 2 parliament members giving some statements which practically insulted all the women in the world.I can't disclose their name,because I don't know who these small potatoes are.So sorry,guys.So after their giving such statements,they still being stubborn and not apologizing.Please forgive them,guys.They just want to get some attention thats all.They just forget that their mother,wife or daughter are women.And the main reason i think is because,they are probably a retard.God bless them,really,malaysian should really forgive them two.Even their head,Mr Najib already said its ok to joke sometime.He probably know that these 2 guys are simply retard but he just cover it up for them.What a good leader he is.

So,let's review the morales we learned from these incidents.
  • Malaysia's government is very generous and willing to pay RM90 millions for a Parliament building,which is good looking and water leaking.
  • Water leaking is probably an attribute of government building,wherever you see water leaking in the building,90% that it is a government building.This includes Parliament,High Court etc.
  • If you are a retard,find a leader who is just a bit smarter than you.Since you guys are in the same group(retard group) ,he will sure cover your ass no matter what.
Viva Malaysia

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