Friday, January 26, 2007

Journey finding a JOB

So,for the past 10 days I've been busy finding jobs and attending interviews.Luckily,I've found one which I think its most suitable for me where this company actually provided me an environment to learn and grow(of cos,the pay is quite good too!!).

I've went to around 10 interviews.There are some experience that I would like to share with you guys.

A US based company,with its Asia Pacific HQ located in Hong Kong,asked me to visit their office and attend the interview.So, as usual,I went to this office,and I was early than the scheduled time.A staff opened the door,bring me to a meeting room.The meeting room is like any ordinary room,just that it is equipped with teleconferencing kit and a TV.But I wasn't really bother about that,as I was busy filling up the forms and answering the questions they given.After I finish filling up,I told the staff,who brought me in just now,that I am done.Then she took my paper and told me that the person in charge will call me through the phone.Yes,no face to face contact,only phone.Then I was like "WTF...".When I was going through the interview on the phone,I can't stop thinking that is this a joke or what?Is there a hidden camera,recording down my behavior while I was talking?Did they see me scratching my back just now?This is my first,and probably the last time going through an interview,alone.

I happened to attend an interview in another company,which I think 95% of the staffs are Chinese.So the moment I was in the office,I can see staffs playing with handphones,like with the ringtones,features,smsing etc.WTF,are they working here or what?This is office,not some handphone shops in LYP.Can you guys be professional a bit?

I think some company requested their candidates to answer some questions,whether technical questions,or IQ questions.Yes,I mean IQ questions.Sometimes they even ask you to rate the importance of things in your life,and as a smart person,I will rate "Company future" as my first priority.Try to ask a working staff,world peace and company future,which one is more important?

Anyway,I would like to thank those companies who offer me a job with reasonable amount of salary and attracting benefits.However,there is only one me in this world,therefore I can only choose only one and the one which I think its best for my future and current situation.I hope that my friend who is also looking for job out there,will find his ideal job in the end of the day.Good luck,dude...

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