Friday, January 5, 2007

Annoying Answer

So,some states of Malaysia are being flooded last month.During the incident,the victims got no where to hide except the roof top of their house.There is no water,food or anything.They just simply stay there and hoping someone will come and give them a hand.Of course,there some volunteers,individual or company,renting boats to save those victims.Government also sending out army to save them.However,there are some rumors saying that the army is actually asking money from victims then only the victims is allowed to be on the boat.The next day,our dearest Deputy Prime Minister was kind of pissed off and saying something like people can't accuse the army without any evidence.Truly,no one is willing to giving statement that time.Flood still going on for days.Finally someone stood out and saying that he paid the army for taking his customer out from his shop for RM250.There are quite number of them including this man.
Here comes the annoying part.The next day after this man giving the statement,a guy from the government,seriously I can't remember who,saying something like the army didn't ask for it,but the victim willing to pay them.
What the fuck?If victim giving them money,then they are eligible to take it?Why no one accusing those volunteers who use their own money to rent the boat?How come they don't ask for money?I seriously doubt they are getting any money out of this.Yet our dearest army,they supposed to be there,saving our lives,and protecting our nations asking for money.Does this mean that in the future if there is war,I have to pay them in order to get my ass out of here?And what if I don't?Would they care about my life and death?To them,I am just only one of the millions,but to me,they are suppose to be my savior.How disappointed.

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